WaterAid charity match


Sunday 8th September 2018

John Ferguson reports:

It was heartening to see a really good turn-out for this great cause, hosted every year by Thames Water. After the usual briefing and draw of walk-off numbers from the Hut we set off. With the fishing still not switched on after the hot summer, it was a split field with fishermen heading off to both No4 and No5, to test themselves in these tricky conditions.

   Come 11.30am, a lot of the fishermen were starting to move around, a sign that things were hard.

   It was not until we gathered at the Hut for lunch, that you heard that things were better along the West bank of No5, with Barry having bagged up, and other anglers having ones and twos. This really gave those who had struggled in morning a lift.

   Those who had to walk off last in the morning session, now walked off first, with the knowledge of where the fishing was good. The first person to walk off was Jim, who made a beeline for Barry’s swim, and as usual with Jim, he made it pay off.

   John O’Regan, who did not arrive until 1.00pm, fished his socks off, catching 3 fish, only to lose fish number 4 right at the finish. Vinny, also with nil fish caught by 1.00pm, caught his limit between 4.00pm and 5.00pm. Dave Garry took the biggest fish of the day, a 4-8-0 specimen, on on buzzer.

  As it happened, 80% of the fish caught on the day came from the West bank of No5.

   After the final whistle blew, we had our weigh-in at the Hut where Jim emerged the winner, followed by Barry and Vince. Thames Water ranger Myland was on hand to present the winners with some fantastic prizes. A great day was had by all, and confirmed in the Ferry Boat afterwards...oops.