Haven House charity match


Saturday 26th May

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We managed to raise another four figure total so many thanks to everyone for their donations, to Vinnie’s boys for great work with the collection buckets, and to Thames Water for generously waiving the fishing ticket fee for the day.

A strong sidewind blew up in the morning on the Causeway

2nd Earl Johnson

3rd Andrew Green

With so many fish returned, no-one could complain about the sport

WFFC Chairman Dave Jarvis writes:

“Hi All. I would just like to inform you that Ginny Donnelly (Fundraising Executive) for Haven House has written to me to thank us all for raising a total amount on the day of £1190.73, with further donations still being made online, as a result of our Charity event last Saturday.

I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking  Thames Water and their staff for their contribution and help on the day, which again helped to make this event so successful. 

It seems by the attendance on Saturday, and the contributions, that this event is getting stronger by the year and long may it do so. The children and their families of Haven House can only benefit from clubs and organisations such as ourselves who contribute

to the cause, and I feel very proud of being a part of it, as I'm sure you do.

Again, well done to all on behalf of myself and Haven House.”