Final Fling


The first few swims along the North end of the West bank of No5 are usually favourites at this time of year, in fact Billy had a fish first cast here, but as today’s SW wind got up, he and Andrew Green eventually moved round to the SW Bay, where they could get a better distance on the DI8 Booby Basher with the wind behind them. The Houses bank was also popular, with Barry building up a good total on DI7/DI8 and Boobies in the corner, while John Ferguson and John O’Regan were also catching next to him. Even though Billy and Andrew both had good fish on Boobies, elsewhere on No4 Tony Fox put back a nice fish on buzzers, and as the afternoon approached it was noticeable how the fish came up in the water, with takes slowing up on the DI7s and DI8s. One solution was to go for them with Snakes on a DI3, which Andrew found helped him carry on catching in the SW Bay, while Billy and Clive moved to Houses bank. Frank also had a run of fish from No4, but was unable to get that one big fish you need to this event. As it turned out, Andrew’s near-4lb fish was enough to take the shield, ahead of three pounders to Billy Bridgeworth and John O’Regan. With good numbers reported, and fish feeding hard on bloodworm, snails and fry, prospects look good for the new season, especially as the grille between No4 and the High Maynard seems to be doing its job in keeping the fish where we want them.

The West bank of No5 was manageable until the wind got up