East Warwick Rules & Guidelines


*  CATCH & RELEASE only.

*  WFFC members with East Warwick season tickets only. (Note a)

*  SIGN IN before fishing.

*  BARBLESS or DE-BARBED hooks only.

*  SIZE 10 longshank (or equivalent length) maximum hook size. (Note b)

*  LANDING NET to be used at all times. (Note c)


*  TOOLS for DE-BARBING, UNHOOKING, CUTTING LINE to be carried at all times. (Note e)

  1. *  NO BOOBIES. (Note f)

  2. *  SINGLE HOOKS only.

Guideline Notes

(a)  Children up to 16 years old may fish accompanied by East Warwick season ticket holder. All other East Warwick rules apply to under-16 year olds. All members are entitled to act as bailiffs. All members are subject to official club checks.

(b) Hook sizes larger than a size 10 may be used, but their length should not exceed that of a size 10 longshank hook.

(c)  Knotless landing net to be used at all times to allow fish to be landed swiftly and returned while still fresh. (Knotless agreed at 1998 AGM & now law). Soft micromesh is considered best practice, as they do not split fins. Micromesh pan nets are considered best of all for catch & release.

(d) Handling of fish should be minimised and it is recommended that the landing net mesh should be kept between hand and fish. Support fish before release until they swim away strongly in case it turns over a few yards out beyond reach.  Photographing of fish should be done as quickly as possible - after unhooking with wet hands, holding the fish over and close to the water, one or two shots only. Members agree not to enter East Warwick fish into specimen fish competitions, e.g. Troutmasters, etc.

(e) Very occasionally deep hooking can occur with any type of fly/method. Should this occur the angler should have tools to reach the fly or, in extreme cases, cut the nylon close to the eye of hook. These tools should be about their person not in a bag some distance away.

(f) Other flies/methods that are likely to result in deep hooking are banned.